Website Redesign using WordPress

If you are stuck with a website with outdated design or functionality, I am happy to redesign your site according to the latest trends and technical specifications. Design trends come and go and technology never stops moving forward and neither does your business.

Improvements you should consider:
  • Responsive Web Design. Older websites were often designed without mobile users in mind. This can mean that a website can't be used properly by visitors on phones and tablets - about half of your potential visitors. Not to mention the fact that Google will rank your site below competitors with a responsive website.
  • Updated Technology: Web design technology moves at incredible pace. Standards get updated, security flaws are patched and new ways to present content are constantly invented. Pebblefood will get your website up date and keep it that way.
  • Updated Design: the web doesn't look like it's 2001 anymore. Screens are bigger (or a lot smaller on phones). Design trends have changed and an outdated look will tell your visitors that you are an outdated brand. A fresh modern design can work miracles for your business.