Why choose Pebblefood?

  • I keep it personal. When you hire me, I'll be with you throughout the web design process, from the very first phone call to the last tweaks before the launch. I'm your account manager and your support team, just a phone call away.
  • My designs are user friendly. When designing a Wordpress site I make your business my business. By trying to understand your target audience and designing with your customers in mind, the website will be more enjoyable and more profitable.
  • My approach to web design is cost effective. I know that when you start a new project, your ambitions may be bigger than your budget. That's why the sites I make can scale up with your business. Want to start a webshop? Implement live chat? Need a new graphic over Christmas? No problem!
  • My websites are up to date, both in design and in code. I always make sure to follow the current best practice guidelines for layout and development.

How I work


Tell me about yourself… I’m listening! At this stage I will try to get a comprehensive overview of your project, of your design preferences and functional requirements for your website.
When thinking about setting up a new site, consider some of these questions:

  • what is your project about?
  • who is your target audience?
  • what do you want visitors to your website to achieve?
  • do you have a design in mind?
  • what functionality would you like to include?

Once I have taken inventory of your project I will be able to make an honest assessment and give you a detailed estimate for the projected cost.

Ready to get started? Start a Project!


The next step is setting up a staging website and creating an initial design. Working with the client we’ll decide on:

  • Color Scheme
  • Logo Design
  • Wordpress Theme
  • Navigation design
  • Typography
  • Images to be included
  • Layout of pages and posts

The design needs to appeal to the target audience and be easy to navigate.  I will design each page to create a coherent look and feel for the entire website that best represents your brand, product or service.


Design and development of a new Wordpress website go hand in hand. When the basic design takes shape, we can start to implement the required functionality. Wordpress can be extended to include any functionality you can dream of.

  • Blog/news section
  • eCommerce
  • Payment Donations
  • Memberships
  • Bulletin board
  • Directory
  • Social media feeds
  • etc etc

Many of these features can be achieved with existing software (plugins), but if necessary, I’m happy to create custom functionality that matches your exact requirements.


Once the staging site is complete it is time to start the launch sequence!

  • Set up of webhosting and domain name
  • Optimise the website for speed
  • Optimise the new WordPress site for search engines like Google
  • Set up backups and security
  • Give you a detailed briefing about how to update the website

In my experience a website is never truly finished, just like your business is never the same. I’m always happy to discuss ongoing maintenance of the software and content.