Website Optimisation

After the design is complete and your new website is online, Pebblefood can provide a lot of specialised services to optimise your online presence.

Optimisations you should consider:
  • Search Engine Optimisation: optimise your website for better rankings in Google. Although SEO has moved on from trying to 'trick' Google, you can still do a lot to improve your presence in search engine rankings by adhering to best practices.
  • Speed Optimisation: a fast website is a good website and the faster pages load the more likely your visitors will find what they are looking for. By using caching, tweaking server settings and shrinking image sizes a lot can be done to speed up your site.
  • Security Optimisation: Keeping your website secure is especially important for eCommerce websites. With regular updates to the WordPress core and plugins, automatic backups and the installation of security software you can rest easy knowing your site is safe.

Wordpress Maintenance

When your business grows and changes, so does your website. Pebblefood offers affordable website maintenance packages to make sure your website is always up to date.